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Collect and sell high quality coins and let our clients invest in coins conveniently.

What makes a coin valuable?

The combination of the rarity, grade and the collector that makes the coins to be valuable to the market. Please note that the greater rarity and better conditions of the coin means the high value. The Sheldon Coin grading scale is used to grade the proof coins and mint state coin. It is a seventy point scale used in the numismatic assessment of a coin quality and it used by many companies.

Guarantees of coins

Floating investment is one that moves up and down in accordance with general conditions of the market.

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We offer great prices for bringing your coins to our office


We help you to valuate your coins under world wide coin grading companies to assure the quality of your coin


We sell top quality and graded Mandela coins at an affordable price

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The company do business fair and square. It is with great pleasure to work with such company. Great work.

Freedom Kanini

Freedom KaniniCEO & Founder - Kanini Holdings

Never in business I have ever met such services, I am blown any with the service that I got from the company, wish to do business with you again in future

Patrick Nkosi

Patrick NkosiClient